GW International Travel Policies

The following are policies regarding university-related international travel. 

IMP Travel Safety and Security Guidelines (2014) 
The policy covers important procedures for vetting international sites, advising participants before travel, communicating and supporting them while abroad, as well as following up on incidents after they return.

International Travel Approval Policy (2014) 
Outlines the approval process for university-supported or university-related international travel, and related requirements, thereby promoting such travel while mitigating associated risks.

International Travel Insurance Policy (2015) 
Provides employees and students engaged in University business or travel abroad with information regarding the University's international insurance program and travel services.

Export Control Policy (2015) 
Although many of the university's activities are exempt from export control laws, some activities may be restricted. The purpose is to inform GW faculty, staff members, and students of applicable export control laws.

Compliance with Laws when Conducting University Activities Overseas (2015)
This policy addresses anti-bribery, economic sanctions, foreign boycotts, anti-terrorism, and foreign laws.  

Primer on Doing Business Abroad (2006) 
The Primer explains laws carrying monetary and/or criminal penalties, for individuals and for corporate entities (such as GW) and how and when they may apply to your international activities.