Incoming International Scholars


The following sections provide information about housing in the DC area. Please note that these are external sources and to be mindful of your personal security when making living arrangements with others.

General Information

These websites provide useful information about apartment hunting and living in the DC metro area, including Maryland and Virginia neighborhoods. 

General Apartment Listings

The following websites provide information on apartment listings in the DC area.               


These websites are useful for finding a temporary living situation.



This section provides information about getting around in DC as well as traveling to and from DC.


This link provides information on the Washington DC metro-rail and bus systems.


The following links provide information on bike rentals in the DC area.

Car Rentals

These websites will assist in car rental services.


These links provide information about various taxi services in DC.


These links give information on airports in the DC area.


The following links are resources about dining in the DC area.


These links provide information about common pharmacies in the DC area. 


This is a list of common banks in the DC area.


The following links provide locations of various places to shop in the DC area. They are listed in order of closest proximity to GW's Foggy Bottom Campus.


The following links provide information on local grocery stores in order of closest proximity to GW's campus.

Salons & Spas

This section provides a list of salons and spas around DC.

Entertainment and Other Related Websites

This is a list of resources to find entertainment and other activities around the DC area.

Childcare Services

This section is for those who need childcare services in the DC area.

Embassy Information

For information about traveling, passports, visas, etc. be sure to look at your country's embassy website.

Emergency Services

This is a list of resources if emergency services are needed.