International Clinical Elective Program Scholarship

International Clinical Electives Program Scholarship

Requirements and Selection Criteria


The International Clinical Electives Scholarship provides third and fourth year medical students with the opportunity to enrich and diversify their medical education, broaden their public health knowledge and deepen their commitment to services by supporting experiential learning abroad. Scholarships of up to $2,500/student will be awarded to support international clinical and non-clinical elective opportunities through GW or credible third party organizations.

Academic/Eligibility Requirements

Third and fourth year medical students who are in good academic standing may apply for this program. First priority will be given to students enrolled in the Scholarly Concentration program. 

For Clinical Electives: Students participating in a clinical elective should have completed the basic clinical rotations (2 months each in internal medicine, primary care, pediatrics, OB/GYN, surgery, and psychiatry).

Non-Eligible Students

  • Students accepting any other scholarships or fellowships for their proposed ICEP. (Supplemental funding may be allowed however it must be reviewed and approved by the Office of International Medicine Programs in advance).

Program Requirements

  • Students will have to apply to a GW approved ICEP program and have to receive preliminary acceptance prior to applying for this scholarship. The final award is dependent on final approval from the host site.
  • The content of the proposed program will be substantive in scope and educational value with well defined objectives and intended outcomes.
  • The proposed program will have the support of a faculty mentor either at the home institution or at the host organization.
  • The program will be 4-8 weeks in length acquiring five to ten credit hours, and the proposed program objectives or intended outcome must be achievable within that time frame.

Application Requirements

All Applicants should provide an original application in PDF format only.

  • CV
  • Transcript
  • Two letters of recommendation (Letters written specifically for other fellowships or scholarships will not be accepted for the ICEP scholarship). 
  • Personal Statement: Include copy of the personal statement that you submitted with your online ICEP application.
  • Scholarship Essay: Please explain how your ICEP project relates to Global Health. Explain what impact your project will have on the healthcare community. Explain how you will use this project to further your educational and career goals

In addition to the requirements listed above, applicants participating in an elective at a non-GW affiliated site should provide the following:

  • Verification of host site and mentor support – letter/s of support from mentor or mentors if the elective is through a third-party organization unaffiliated with GW.

Selection Criteria

  • Academic excellence
  • Completion of basic clinical rotations (for clinical electives)
  • Career goals; previous relevant experience; and special skills such as language knowledge
  • Relevance of program to students’ long-term goals.
  • Quality of the infrastructure and support by the mentor/host organization.

Reporting Requirements

  • A presentation for a group which may include the donors, dean’s office and selection committee. An additional presentation to students or others may also be scheduled.
  • A completed evaluation by the scholar of their international clinical or non-clinical elective.
  • A completed evaluation by the host site of the scholar’s performance.
  • A brief paper describing the scholars project, experience and any results and implications of the project (results and implications must be addressed for all research projects). Paper is due within two weeks of conclusion of the program.
  • A “Thank you” Letter to the donor for their generous contribution and support. In addition, IMP should be provided with a copy of this letter.
  • Photographs (3 to 5 is acceptable) from you clinical rotation experience.

Application Submission

Please submit your application to Kara Woodman, Senior Education Specialist, Office of International Medicine Programs by Friday, February 10, 2017. Applications received after this date will not be accepted.

Please submit the application in the following order as one PDF document: CV; Essay; Personal Statement, Two Letters of Recommendation and Transcripts

Should you have any questions, please contact Kara Woodman at