Jordan Hospital

Jordan Hospital provides advanced medical expertise and multispecialty care to the community in Jordan’s capital, Amman and surrounding areas. 


Location: Amman, Jordan

Focus Areas: Anesthesiology, General Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, and Surgery

MS1 Summer Internship: For students who are considering surgery as a career choice, perhaps this may be the site for you. Dr. Abdallah Bashir, a world renowned Surgeon takes students under his direction and teaches you the insides and outs of surgery, which involves the anatomy of the body, pathology and many other areas unknown to the average person. Students will have a wide variety of surgical exposures. This is also an opportunity for one to learn more about Arabic culture and compare it to the United States.

MSIV Clinical Elective: Clinical rotations are available in these areas: Surgery; Medicine; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Pediatrics and Anesthesiology Application Process: IMP will contact the site on behalf of the student. Once IMP has site confirmation, student will need to complete GW Passport online application.

Estimated Costs: Students stay in campus housing which is a single studio consisting of two beds, small living room, small kitchen and a bathroom and costs $42 per day. Lunch is provided with the housing costs but all other meals are not provided. Host institution will cover the airport transportation.

Estimated Roundtrip Airfare: $900