Mission Interuniversitaire de Cooperation Des Eschanges Franco-Americains (MICEFA)

MICEFA is a non-profit consortium that includes 14 Universities in Paris, France, seven of which are medical schools. It was created in 1985 to promote cultural and scientific cooperation between France and North America. MICEFA’s educational exchanges include students, post-doctoral students and faculty. Knowledge of French is necessary for this elective.

Website: http://micefa.org/

Location: Paris, France

Focus Areas: Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, General Internal Medicine , Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, and Surgery

MS1 Summer Internship: MICEFA offers students a summer internship in comparative healthcare practices, visits to hospitals/clinics and public health related institution.

MSIV Clinical Elective: Research clerkships will be available in the areas of: biochemistry; molecular biology; genetics; immunology; pathology and physiology. Clinical rotations are available in these areas: Medicine and subspecialties; Pediatrics and subspecialties; Family practice; Anesthesiology; Emergency medicine; Clinical neuroscience; Ophthalmology; Surgery and Subspecialties and Urology.

Application Process: IMP will contact the site on behalf of the student. All MSIV students must also complete a MICEFA paper application form to be officially accepted by MICEFA. Once IMP has site confirmation, student will need to complete GW Passport online application. All students for this site must complete the MICEFA paper application as well.

Estimated Cost of Living: Students are housed at the Cité Universitaire de Paris and pay $780 for the dorm fee for which they will share with other students. Taxi service from airport is about $70. No meals are provided in the housing fee, and students should expect to pay $140/week for food/beverages. Some sites provide on-site laundry facilities but not guaranteed.

Estimated Roundtrip Airfare: $1100