Nippon Medical School

Nippon Medical School opened in 1876 and has a long history of educating health professionals in Japan. This elective provides students with a medical and cultural experience to help foster a better understanding of the evolution and operation of Japan’s health care system. 


Location: Tokyo, Japan

Focus Areas: Chronic Viral Hepatitis comparisons, Emergency Management and Healthcare comparisons, General Internal Medicine, Japanese medical education and hospital operations, and Surgery

MS1 Summer Internship: 2014 will be the first year that first year medical students from GW University are able to intern at Nippon. Currently the hospital is under construction, so students interested in research will have a better chance of placement.

MSIV Clinical Elective: Clinical rotations are available in these areas: Medicine and subspecialties; Surgery and Surgical specialties; Emergency medicine and Psychiatry                    

Application Process: IMP will contact the site on behalf of the student. Once IMP has site confirmation, student will need to complete GW Passport online application.

Estimated Cost of Living: There are two dorms for visiting students and they are 10-20 minute walk from campus. The dorm fee is $11 per day. Washing machines and driers are to be shared in either dorm and internet use is free of charge. Meals are not provided at NMS dorms. Students may want to cook for themselves at the kitchen corner, use the cafeteria in the hospital, purchase something at convenient stores or choose the variety of restaurants available in Tokyo. Students should expect to pay about $25 meal/day.

Estimated Roundtrip Airfare: $1650