Nyumbani: Lea Toto Community Outreach Program

Nyumbani Children’s Home is Kenya's first and largest facility for HIV+ orphans where abandoned children receive the best medical, nutritional, academic and holistic care possible until they become self-reliant. Lea Toto Community Outreach Program was launched in 1998 by Nyumbani when they realized the Children’s Home was unable to provide direct support to the growing number of HIV+ children. It is a home-based care program in Nairobi’s slums that provides HIV+ children and their families with medical attention, prevention education, counseling, and self-help skills in eight communities. Currently 3,100 children are provided assistance through the program. The Lea Toto project uses the Home Based Care (HBC) model provides a package of comprehensive care for the client and his/her family. Students will get exposure to Pediatrics, Community Health, and Infectious Diseases

Website: http://www.nyumbani.org/

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

MSI Summer Internship: The internship will be primarily in Pediatric HIV care. Students will be placed in one of these selected centers: Kawangware, Kangemi and Kibera. In each center we have the medical staff; a clinical officer and nurses. Lea Toto is a community based health care program and not a hospital, so their services are geared more towards prevention not necessarily curative/emergency.

MSIV Clinical Rotation: Please speak with IMP about rotation specialties

Application Process: IMP will contact the site on behalf of the student. Once IMP has site confirmation, students must complete a Nyumbani Application Form and provide a Statement of Interest. Once IMP receives site acceptance, students will need to complete GW Passport online application.

Estimated Cost of Living: The site recommends that students stay with host families so students can be adequately supported and take part in social dynamic in Kenyan society. Home stays are approximately $600 per month (including laundry and breakfast/dinner meals). Host institution will provide airport transportation. If the home is further from the assigned Lea Toto center, the student may have to take public transportation which is ~$1.5.

Estimated Round Trip Airfare: $1100