Outgoing GW Scholars

Specific Country Information:

The CIA World factbook provides scholarly information about a given country's demographics, background, languages spoken, prevalent religions, and much more.

Helpful Travel Websites:

The following are a few helpful websites designed to help those inquiring about travel accommodations, dining locations, shopping locations, entertainment destinations, educational centres, museums, and much more.

  • Student Travel Agency  
    This website offers special student discounts on flights, hotels, and other travel accomodations. 
  • Trip Advisor ​
    A great website to search for vacation rentals, hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, popular attractions, and more. 
  • IgoUgo
    This is another informative website to search for travel accommodations, travel forums, lodging, travelers’ reviews, travelers’ photos, and more. 
  • Lonely Planet
    Explore countless travel destinations tailored to your interests: islands, photography, family vacation, adventure, wildlife, and more.
  • Women Travelling Alone

The following are a few websites specifically tailored for women travelling alone and would like a few helpful resources to help them along the journey.

  • LGBT Travelers

The following are a few websites specifically tailored for LGBT travelers.