University of Balamand

This elective provides clinical rotations at St. George University Medical Center. One of the oldest and most prestigious medical centers in Lebanon, St. George Medical Center, located in Beirut, opened in 1878 as a non-profit community hospital. Now in affiliation with the University of Balamand, students can do a variety of electives at this medical center that provides both inpatient and out-patient services to the community.


Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Focus Areas: Anesthesiology, Community Health, General Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Radiology, and Surgery

MS1 Summer Internship: Students will participate in summer internships at this non-profit hospital that provides experiences in the communities that it serves. All areas of medicine are available for research and clinical experiences.

MSIV Clinical Elective: Clinical rotations are available in these areas: Medicine and subspecialties; pediatrics and subspecialties; family practice; anesthesiology; emergency medicine; clinical neuroscience; obstetrics and gynecology; surgery and surgical specialties.                                                           

Application Process: IMP will contact the site on behalf of the student. Once IMP has site confirmation, student will need to complete GW Passport online application.

Estimated Costs: Students stay in local apartments in close proximity to the campus which usually cost around $500-1000 a month. Host institution will take care of airport transportation. Meals can be provided on the hospital premises.

Estimated Roundtrip Airfare: $950