International Clinical Electives

International Clinical Elective Students


The Office of International Medicine Programs (IMP) provides opportunities for medical students from abroad to experience a medical system other than their own. IMP has developed a diverse network of international affiliates to provide rotation placements and assist students in approving rotations to non-affiliated sites. International Clinical Rotationsare designed to provide students with an opportunity to enrich and diversify their medical education in a different physical and social setting.


  • Gain knowledge of the importance of diseases that are uncommon in a student's home country
  • Observe and develop existing clinical skills
  • Broaden public health knowledge
  • Develop creativity through problem-solving
  • Deepen commitment to providing high quality medical services
  • Provide opportunities to explore alternate career possibilities
  • Gain experience in aspects of medicine beyond the core curriculum
  • To understand the relationship between medicine and society in another culture. This includes developing an understanding of medical ethics and law, the recognition of medical problems facing different groups within another society, the financing of medical care, and the role of government in healthcare outside of the student's home country.

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